Selling a business is a complicated process with many steps. Many of our brokers have been business owners themselves and understand all the hats a business owner wears. The fact is, most owners will not have the time or experience to properly sell a business.

sell a business


Below is partial list of how we help facilitate the sale of your business:

  • Give you a range on where to price your business
  • Assess the “Sell-ability” of your business based on 8 different factors
  • If you desire, offer you an independent third party business evaluation at substantial savings
  • Prepare a Confidential Marketing Booklet to give to your potential buyers
  • Work with our Nationwide bank contacts to try and have your business pre-qualified for SBA financing
  • Create a blind ad to confidentially attract buyers
  • Pre-screen prospective buyers…NDA filled out and a phone or in person interview
  • Work with our network of registered business brokers to assure your business receives maximum exposure
  • Prepare you for Buyer meetings and conference calls – provide advice on what to say and what not to say
  • Facilitate buyer seller meetings / conference calls
  • Address buyer questions
  • Guide the buyer in submitting a Letter of Intent (LOI) with an escrow deposit
  • Facilitate negotiations and deal structure
  • Monitor and manage due diligence (50% of deals fail here)
  • Reference and work with business attorneys and CPAs
  • Refer financial tax professionals to help you reduce or defer your taxes owed from the sale.
  • Work with lenders to secure financing for your buyer (paperwork expedition, references, etc.)
  • Work with government agencies as required.
  • Encourage and keep both parties excited during the due diligence phase, so the business closes.

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